Chain Mount Bracket


Included is one hanging target bracket for mounting your Lumatic target on a chain or other mounting solution.

This bracket is ideal for mounting Lumatic targets with your existing hanging stands using chain or straps. The mounting holes accommodate up to a 3/8 in. bolt.

Beam Mounted Bracket


Included is one beam mounted Lumatic bracket for mounting your target on a horizontal 2x4 post. Includes a 15° offset to deflect splatter towards the ground. Designed to be paired with any horizontal 2x4. See our Autonomous Alloys beam stand.

Post Mounted Bracket


Our most popular Lumatic target accessory, this bracket will hold a Lumatic target on any vertical 2x4 post. Designed to allow multiple targets on each post, this bracket has no offset and holds the target parallel to the post.

15° offset recommended on the stand. See our Lumatic vertical stand, rated for up to 4 Lumatic targets.



x4 Replacement Lumatic Reflectors

Included are 4 durable replacement reflectors for your Lumatic series targets. Each reflector is designed to allow strikes from a pistol or rifle to pass through while maintaining it's bright reflective properties for uninterrupted game play or training. Compatible with any target load, whether its a .22LR on up to pistol or centerfire rifle calibers. One size fits all, so rest assured you are buying the right reflector for your Lumatic target.

Lumatic Vertical Stand


The vertical stand is one of the most versatile stands allowing you to place independent or grouped targets in any arrangement desired. With a 15° forward offset built in, bullet splatter is deflected towards the ground. Each stand supports a maximum of 4 targets.

The vertical stand packs tightly for trips to the range.



This basestation powers your the Autonomous Alloys' target system. The Tapnetic targets require a basestation to function. The Lumatic targets get maximum functionality through the use of a basestation. Both targets can interplay on the same field with a single basestation. Software upgrades are available during release cycles which add new game and drill functionality.



This is the standard repeater for all Autonomous Alloys targets. Use it to add an additional 200 yards in range for your target setup or as a drop in replacement for a lost or broken repeater. To use as an range extender, simply space out each repeater 200 yards from each other. Requires 1 9-volt battery (not included).

Beam Stand


The beam stand is a versatile stand that can comfortably hold 6 Tapnetic or 6 Lumatic targets using an 8-foot 2x4. This stand works great for plate rack challenges, customized drills requiring engaging targets in close arrangement, and any multiplayer competitions.