TapResponse Evo

The answer to immersive training

TapResponse Evo

Designed for:

Speed drills

Close range to ultra-long range


All the same games and drills

How does it compare to Tapnetic?

TapResponse Evo
Fast acquisition target
Short range and long range
Weight: 9 lbs.
All calibers at any distance
Precision target
Ideal for short range
Weight: 30 lbs.
All calibers at specific distances


YES! Both target varieties can be played together with all of the same games and drills
We are working out the pricing still, but you can be sure it will cost significantly less than the Tapnetic target
We’re getting close to a launch date. Drop your email below and we will keep you updated!

Basestation is not required

Targets can operate individually without the basestation when plinking or practicing. Pair the basestation only when you want to run more immersive drills.

Never shoot out a light!

TapResponse Evo is designed to never lose your lights. The only exposed area is a reflector - the cheapest replaceable part of the entire system.