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Production is in progress with worldwide shipping expected to begin early February
Designed rev. D chassis to fit upgraded components for pistol caliber ratings

August 2016

Launched Indiegogo campaign to crowdfund a production run of the rev C target chassis. Campaign infused 170k of capital into software and hardware developement.
Announced demo of target platform to public with a teaser video.
Designed rev. C chassis to accomodate new LED impact system and optimized electronic housing. This included 2 new patent submissions.

December 2015

Designed initial app to support game and drill modes.
Prototype target chassis revision B created to include front facing LED lighting.
Continued LED testing and radio testing.

December 2014

Prototype target chassis is created to house electronic hardware and field tested with radios.
First patent submitted covering use of electromagnet and front facing LED lighting together in the first ever live fire target chassis.
Electromagnet capture and release successfully tested under live fire in summer of 2014